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Recording calls has become a standard practice across many business sectors as companies look to ensure best practice.  A new Mainstream service expands this to include all your company communication devices including your company mobile calls. Through fulfilling compliance requirements you reduce potential litigation risks, improve staff performance, monitor call quality, aid dispute resolution and deter inappropriate calls.


Mainstream’s Network Call Recording service offers a simple and cost effective way to protect your business, whilst also providing invaluable management information.  The service is a powerful, yet simple to use solution which captures the ever growing number of calls made on multiple lines and devices - including company mobiles, ISDN, PSTN, SIP channels and VoIP devices.


Key features of this service include:

  • Recordings are encrypted as standard using 256bit AES

  • High encryption/decryption speed

  • Access to the recording web portal using a SSL 256bit AES encrypted browser

  • Working to the following standards - CESG 2-2-4, 7 levels of the PCI DSS and FIPS transfer of data

  • Resilient N+1 infrastructure

  • Unlimited storage option and longevity capabilities

  • Full report suite including bespoke options

  • Branded with your company logo and colours


Mainstream Digital Ltd has been synonymous with communications and IP for the last two decades, so has the experience and resources to supply and support all your communications needs UK wide.


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