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All of our staff go the extra mile, and as well as providing excellent advice on where cost savings can be made, they take the time to understand your business so any solution provided is right for you today, and right for you tomorrow. We deliver on what we promise, and every member of staff is focussed on excellent customer service.


Account Management

Mainstream Digital only employs the very best account managers as we know the difference these individuals make in client satisfaction. The team is very experienced, highly trained and focussed on service excellence.


Once your product or service is installed, you will be allocated a named account manager and they are on hand to ensure that all your Mainstream services operate perfectly. Your dedicated account manager will deliver on what they promise, and offer on-going contact and consultancy on the fast moving telecommunications marketplace, whilst providing the finest business advice for streamlining your business.



As a Mainstream Customer you will have access to everything you need, all in one place with our OneView portal.  Whether you would like to access e-billing to review your incoming and outgoing calls, check your connections or access our Mainstream support pages for help, you can find it all in our One View portal.


Home Screen Dashboard

The home screen dashboard is the first area you will see when you login to One View.  It is a customisable area in which you can choose between Tickets, Latest Documents, Support pages, Services status, Users, Roles and Login attempts to be displayed.


E-billing gives you access to all your incoming and outgoing calls as well as all your telemarketing activity.  The portal allows you to access your invoices as well as sort activity via call date, number and site reference.


Find out your current usage levels, check your usage limits and break the information provided down into individual protocols.  Within this section you also have access to your connection status.


One View offers a variety of user manageable services; including Mainstream SMS, Mobile Device Management and a whole host of Call Handling Services.


The support section of the portal allows you to check the Mainstream support library for quick access resolve common FAQ’s.  Within this section you will also be able to raise tickets to our technical department as well as check the status of existing tickets.


Our billing team are available to assist you with any billing or accounting issues.  Please contact the billing team on 0800 1696000 or submit a ticket for a swift response.



All our staff  focus on providing in-depth advice on how best to use our wide portfolio of telecommunications and IT services to meet your business objectives.


They can propose multiple vendor solutions based on your individual requirements offering best of breed solutions. In addition, our technical support team conduct benchmark tests to ensure all solutions we propose are tested prior to deployment, and oversee all implementations and deployments until customer handover.


Project Management

Detailed planning, comprehensive organisation and the meticulous management of resources are the ingredients to bring about the successful completion of all solution deployments whether a new line at a Greenfield site or a complete Brownfield overhaul.


By using only highly experienced provisioning and installation personnel, and through rigorous process planning, Mainstream Digital removes the pain of all solution implementations.



When you are a Mainstream customer, our technical support team is your main point of contact for fault reporting and network management. Customer empathy and fast resolution are our top priorities so we offer the ability to log faults 24/7/365.


Mainstream Digital's technical support team acts as the core point of contact for customers with technical issues such as telephone support, service ordering, fault reporting and network management.


Consolidated Online Billing

Mainstream's consolidated billing facility is rendered for businesses having multiple telephone lines or multiple sites; they can have a single consolidated bill comprising all bills of all their telephone lines, fax and all other Mainstream services.


Our online billing is simple to read and understand, saving you both time and effort in reconciling your bills. This includes the ability to drill down into your bill and generate graphs or export the data.

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