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With the massive uptake of broadband and the ever increasing speed Internet access speeds, more services and applications are being delivered via Mainstream’s network connections. Voice is just one of the additional services we can offer.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks and VoIP are direct replacements for traditional analogue or ISDN connectivity that bring flexibility and choice.

Mainstream Digital offers a VoIP service on a UK geographic number (01 or 02) which can be used anywhere in the world via a softphone client on your laptop or smartphone or through a dedicated IP phone connected to the Internet.  In addition to being able to use your VoIP service anywhere...
Mainstream has been providing SIP trunks since 2004 so has vast experience in providing service to UK business customers.  SIP trunks provide voice services via an Internet connection, rather than using traditional PSTN or ISDN circuits which results in greater flexibility and substantial...
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