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Mainstream offer the full suite of UK 08xx non geographic telemarketing numbers. These are easy to remember for your customers who can call you for free, at a discounted, or a set rate dependent upon your chosen number type. As the numbers are not tied to a geographical location they can be redirected to a different destination with ease.

We even can provide you with new numbers to give you a presence in a new area with all the calls delivered to your existing lines.

Non-geographic ‘08’ numbers provide your business with a nationally recognisable number that can be diverted to the appropriate agent within your business.   Diversions can be set to landlines, mobile numbers or other Mainstream call handling services suc...
Call Queuing is designed to ensure that callers never hear the engaged tone even when all of your staff are on the phone.  Callers can be queued to a message about your latest offers, or music on hold, and be informed of their position in the queue.  Callers can also be given the opt...
Our Call Whisper service plays the receiver of a call a personalised message before the call is connected. The message could be used to inform your agents of which number has been dialled should you have calls coming in from different regions or you have various numbers advertised.
Fax to email is as easy as email, and all you need to do to use this service, is to have an email address.  The incoming fax is simply delivered as an attachment in your email application.   You have a choice of fax numbers from your existing fax number ported i...
The Mainstream Network IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service allows you to ensure calls are directed to the correct department, destination or person every time by pressing the appropriate button on their phone.
Disruption to your telecommunications infrastructure will lead to a direct loss of revenue and can damage the reputation of your business amongst your customers, suppliers and shareholders.  However, disasters strike without notice and when they do, they cause huge disruption to those aff...
The Mainstream Voicemail to Email service provides high quality recordings of voicemails delivered straight to your inbox.
Mainstream Time Based Routing puts you in control of where callers are routed, based on the time of day, week, month or year.  This enables you to run a 24/7 operation regardless of your operational structure.
Mainstream’s Call Distribution service provides you with a flexible approach to how you route calls within your company.
Mainstream Call Screening gives you complete control over who can reach your organisation. You can choose which callers to blacklist completely, or re-direct to a different location of your choosing.
With Mainstream Pre Answer Message, a recording is played to the caller before being connected to you. Messages can be used to provide details such as your web address, information on your products, or to inform the caller that their call may be recorded.
A Mainstream Callback request allows a caller to request a callback from you if they do not wish to wait for their call to be answered. The requests take the form of an email with the callers number so you make the callback when possible.   See ...
Mainstream Digital’s Geographic Routing allows you to define which area codes are directed to any particular regional office.
No matter how efficient you are at handling customers, there may be times when the caller abandons the call because they are busy, get interrupted, or are just not willing to leave a voice message. The ability to follow up on abandoned calls means you are able to capture those important calls ...
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